Chicken Demise

The other morning we found one of our hens with no head, and 2 very distressed cockerels.

One cockerel never moved (although there was no obvious injury) and died the next day. The other cockerel wandered around looking lost for a few days and then died overnight.

Currently we suspect the Stoat that has been around the garden. A few days before the chickens were attacked, we watched him rolling a dead rabbit up the hill, like it was a log. No signs of injury to the rabbit either – how do they do it?


Standpretty Weather Station

Standpretty Weather went live on 25th December 2009!

Standpretty weather station is now in operation. The station uses a “Fine Offset” N96GY to continuously monitor temperature, humidity, rainfall and wind data.

The information is available on here and on both Weather Underground and the Scottish Weather Network.