Pet Blankets

Standpretty Designs specialises in the production of custom machine embroidery for the pet market!

We have a standard range of pet blankets to suit cats, dogs and kids (yes, kids can be pets too!), where you can select from a small range of designs and colours.

We can provide other designs, so if you\’d like one for your Hamster or your Giraffe, just let us know. (Unfortunately, the blankets are not suitable for fish or other aquatic pets, except possibly to keep the aquarium warm!).

Embroidering the name of your pet is included in the price. (£10 per blanket).

Each blanket is 130cm * 170cm, machine washable and made from 100% polyester.

Blankets are available in a range of colours – the most popular being Red, Black, Off-White and Pale Blue.

Kids Blankets

Your children can enjoy matching blankets with their pet.

Cat Blankets

These blanket designs are cat oriented. (WOOF!)

Dog Blankets

Dogalised blankets for the pawfect companion.

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