After a week of testing out the Ultarsound, MRI and CT scanners at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary,I got the bad news that I have Pancreatic cancer where the enlarged pancreas is squeezing the bile duct and hence the jaundice. They’ve let me home for the weekend to digest this news and then I go back in next week so they can try and install a stent via an endoscope.


Ken taken ill

After a week of tummy upsets, I went to the doctor this afternoon and as she thorugh Iooked a bit jaundiced was sent straight to A&E for possible blockage of the Bile duct.

In the meantime Tilly has been identified as having a detached ligament which can’t be re-attached and she needs to lose a lot of weight before they will consider surgery. (Not that she was really overweight in the first place!)

Tilly goes lame

While out for her usual lunchtime run around today, Tilly suddenly went lame in her rear left leg and could put no weight on it.

A visit to the vet raised fears that it was bone cancer (fortunately unfounded).